Last Chance for Miniature Labradoodle Puppies – West Phoenix Valley

We have two remaining male Labradoodle puppies for sale in the Phoenix West Valley area. Born 11/25/17, these adorable boys both have the rare Phantom coloration to their thick and luxurious fleece coats. Shadow and Specter are both multi-generation Labradoodles. Click their pics below for the full-sized view. These non-shed, hypo-alergenic, healthy, happy puppies are each priced at $1,500.

Adult wait on these mini-doodles ranges from 22 to 27 pounds. Please contact us to learn more about their parental heritage and their sparkling personalities!


Darling Labradoodle Puppies Born July 7, 2017 – Available Now – Updated Pictures

Mother Rosie – The Sweetest & Smartest Mama you will ever meet"Rosie" The Sweet Mama

Mr. Harrison is the Daddy to this beautiful litter of pups"Big Daddy" he is the sweetest boy in town

Adorable Litter of Standard Size Labradoodle Puppies born July 7, 2017        These darling puppies are NOW ready to go to their “Furever Homes”

Our hypo-alergenic, non-shed puppies come to you already crate and doggie-door trained to facilitate house-breaking. These puppies are handled from the day they’re born. All our puppies are bathed, brushed, petted, and played with, so they’re used to being picked up and are excited and enthusiastic around people. Labradoodles make great family pets; their athleticism is a big plus for  children (and some dads) who enjoy a little rambunctious play in the back yard. Of course, like any dog, our Labradoodles come in all different personalities, so there are the quiet, reserved pups who will make great pets for older adults too. Our dogs have beautiful, square-shaped heads like the Labrador. We strive to combine the best qualities from both breeds: intelligence and trainability, athleticism, loyalty, good temperament and a non-shedding (hypo-allergenic) fleece coat.

 Mother Rosie and Father Mr Harrison

These puppies will average 50 – 65 lbs.  $1500 -$1800

All these puppies come with a 2-year genetic health guarantee. They have had routine deworming and first set of puppy shots

If you are interested in any of the puppies please email

or text 623-910-0398

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Updated pictures from this weekend (September 1, 2017) are the last 5 pictures

Cutest pups with the best personalities and oh so smart