Sale on Male Labradoodle Puppies – Phoenix Area

Rusty, Biscuit, Corky and Sandy are our remaining puppies available from our 3/6 litter. These standard- to medium-sized male Labradoodle puppies are from parents Rosie and Mr. Harrison. All four have had their first two sets of puppy shots. While most people seem to look for very young puppies, these boys are actually at a great age to go to a new home. They’re just old enough to take it all in stride – and they exhibit the type of thriving growth and healthy exuberance that bespeaks a good breeding program and a healthy upbringing during their first couple months. (Photos were taken 5/1.)

Rusty ($1,500) and Biscuit ($1,000) are expected to mature to an adult weight of about 50 to 60 pounds. Corky ($1,000) and Sandy ($1,000), although litter-mates, are smaller and will most likely mature to a maximum of about 40 pounds.

Contact the farm for an appointment to spend some time with these boys to see which one suits your fancy.

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Standard Size Labradoodle Puppies – Phoenix

Rosie’s puppies are growing!  We’re down a couple now, but we still have five four bouncing boy puppies available for sale from $1,200 to $1,500.  The photos below were taken on May 1 when these Labradoodle puppies turned 8 weeks.  For more information on parentage, and to see earlier puppy photos, click here for the original post on this litter.

Rusty is the smaller of the dark males while the larger Ronnie (sold) – short for Ron Burgundy – has an amazing deep red coat and is going to be a big boy when he grows up.  Next we have the three amigos – all buff-colored male standard-sized Labradoodle puppies. Biscuit is the largest of these three and has a beautifully wavy coat. He’s a very mellow fellow and we expect he’ll be great with kids as he doesn’t let anything bother him. Corky is a bit more demonstrative and has an adorable cork-screw curly coat, complete with a white star on his chest which suits his personality. Steady Sandy is the middle amigo … he’s in between wavy and curly and in between mellow and meddlesome; practically perfect in every way!

These boys are ready for pick-up any time. (Update 5/16 – they’ve already had their second set of puppy shots.) If you’d like to meet them, just contact us for an appointment. While you’re here, you can meet the parents too and get an idea of how these puppies will mature.

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Medium Sized Labradoodle Puppies for Sale – Updated photos

Young puppies grow and change very quickly. Our original photos of these medium Labradoodle puppies born 3/20 were taken on 4/16 and we didn’t get them posted until 4/26. Life is pretty frantic on the farm and there’s not always time for photo shoots and computing! But here now are some updated photos of these puppies just taken on May 1. (If you want to see their baby-pictures – check out the original post here.)

Our remaining mid-sized Labradoodle girls are Reba (sold), Rita and Rhonda. Rhonda is the fun-loving blonde. The smaller caramel-colored girl with one white-tipped hind paw is Reba and finally, there’s Rita, the larger of the two “red-heads” who – like Rita Hayworth – has GORGEOUS locks! She almost looks like she came from the salon after a frosting, including a frost-tipped front and hind paw and frost-tipped tail.

We have only 1 mid-sized male left available – Rudy – who is just a joy to have around as he has tons of perky puppy personality!

All these medium-sized Labradoodle puppies have had their first shots and are ready to go home with new owners. They are all priced at $1,500. Please contact us for an appointment to meet these pups in person.