3rd-Gen Labradoodle Puppies Ready to Take Home – West Phoenix

UPDATE: 11/6/2015 – Both these puppies are sold.

We have two 7 week-old (today) puppies ready to take home. One male (Big Red) and one female (Amber), born 10-12-15. They’ve just had their first shots and are happy, healthy pups. These are third-generation Labradoodles; non-shed and hypoallergenic, so no worries if you or your family have any allergies.

Big Red has a mellow personality, but still has that typical puppy playfulness. He’s a big boy, already weighing in at ten pounds, and should reach about 70 pounds adult-weight. Large enough to satisfy Dad’s desire for a sturdy canine companion, his sweet nature also makes him well suited for the entire family. His beautiful, thick red fleece coat is distinguished by a small white patch on his chest. If this sounds like the dog for you, feel free to contact us with questions or to make an appointment.

Amber is Big Red’s smaller sis. Adorned with gorgeous wavy apricot-colored fleece, Amber is a real cuddle-puppy. Playful and affectionate, she’ll fit right in with family members of all ages – from two to seventy-two! We expect Amber’s adult weight to top out at 40 or 45 pounds. If you’d like to learn more about Amber, or come out to meet her, please contact us for an appointment.

Cockapoo Puppies Available Now!

Update 9/26/2015 – Mickey and Petey are both sold.

We have two adorable 8-week-old male Cockapoo puppies for sale now. If you’re looking for a non-shed companion who is affectionate, cute, cuddly and not too big… check out these two available in west Phoenix valley. You can see them by appointment at our Arizona White Tank Ranch. Just contact us.

Here are some photos.
Both male Cockapoo pups have had their first shots and are typical playful energetic pups.  The larger of the two (Petey) is darker with white and liver markings while the smaller one (Mickey) is more of a buff and white.

Labor Day Last Labradoodle Puppy Sale!

UPDDATE – 8/12/2015 – Randy is sold. We’re happy for him and his new owner!

Randy is the lone puppy remaining from our last summer litter – and although he is only 9 weeks old (prime new puppy age), we have decided to slash his price for a Labor Day sale because, frankly, it’s no fun for him to be here without any siblings to play with! Randy has a mellow personality, which is good because he’s probably going to be a big boy and should reach an adult weight of 70-75 pounds. He’s very much a “people-dog” and as much as he’d love to come with me to work with the young horses here at Arizona White Tank Appaloosa Ranch, he’s still such a little guy right now, I can’t let him join me for his own protection.

Randy has a beautiful, thick red coat (non-shed and hypo-allergenic) and a beautiful attitude to match. Sale-priced at $800, I expect he’ll soon be happily installed in a new home. Contact us for additional information or to make an appointment to meet Randy.

Randy – 8 wks

8-week Labradoodle Puppies For Sale – Born 4-29-15–SOLD

Update Aug 8: These puppies have all been sold, but check back, as the last litter of the season will be posted very soon!

The only thing better than summer vacation is summer vacation with a new puppy! We have several male Labradoodle puppies left available in Phoenix west valley –in various shades of blonde, caramel and apricot. All have non-shed, hypoallergenic fleece coats. These puppies are from the same litter, born 4-29-15. They are outgoing, friendly, happy-go-lucky puppies who are ready to enter your world! All these adorable Labradoodle puppies have had their first set of shots and routine dewormings. They are sleeping in their crates at night and are now using the doggie-door.

These puppies vary in size from mediums to standards. They will mature to be between 55-70 lbs. Some will be smaller like their Mom, “Pearl,” while others will be larger like their Dad, “Mr. Harrison.” See photos and prices below on the remaining pups and check out their parents “Pearl” and “Mr. Harrison.”

Spring Labradoodle Puppies – All Sold

Update:  We’re Sorry if you missed out on these cuties, but be sure to get on our waiting list for the next available litter.

Just by happenstance, we have one boy and one girl Labradoodle puppy available for an Easter surprise. These pups had been spoken for, but sometimes things come up or circumstances change and people are unable to follow through with a purchase.

Lucky for you if you were hoping to surprise your youngsters with a new puppy for Easter! These pups – at about 2 months age – are old enough to be a lot of fun in the back yard already. The boy, Dexter, is ready to romp with your family. Heidi is also playful, if a little less rambunctious, suiting her gentler female status. She is nevertheless happy for some playtime with children. Both these puppies were born 1/28/2015, are apricot in color and medium-sized Labradoodles. They have had their first shots, routine deworming, and are crate and dog-door trained. Their parents are Hilda and Mr Redford.

Contact us ASAP if you want one or both in time for Easter!


Black & White Male Cockapoo Puppy, Phoenix West Valley

Update 4/2/2015 – Tony is sold.  Contact us to get on a puppy waiting list.

Meet Tony. We think his serious expression is a result of his muzzle coloration, but if you like to have long and important discussions with your best-friend, then Tony will certainly be that friend! We think he’d also make a great side-kick due to his sophisticated sense of humor.

Below, you can see Tony – or Anthony, as he likes to call himself – playing the good son and posing with his Mom, Katie.  Tony should weigh in as a welter-weight at around 20 pounds or slightly more when he grows to adulthood. He was born on January 26th, and will be ready to change his address by the end of the month.  A small deposit will keep him from going to that snarky private detective down the street who’s been eyeing him. Contact us if you’d like to come out for a visit and meet Tony in person.

Tony and his Mom, Katie