Last Chance for Miniature Labradoodle Puppies – West Phoenix Valley

We have two remaining male Labradoodle puppies for sale in the Phoenix West Valley area. Born 11/25/17, these adorable boys both have the rare Phantom coloration to their thick and luxurious fleece coats. Shadow and Specter are both multi-generation Labradoodles. Click their pics below for the full-sized view. These non-shed, hypo-alergenic, healthy, happy puppies are each priced at $1,500.

Adult wait on these mini-doodles ranges from 22 to 27 pounds. Please contact us to learn more about their parental heritage and their sparkling personalities!


Mini Labradoodle Puppies Ready to Take Home

Update 5/7/2016: These Puppies have Sold.

Surprise, surprise! Didn’t think we’d have Mini Labradoodle puppies to offer on the website this spring, but sometimes things happen in people’s lives and circumstances demand sacrifice. And if you had to give up any of these sweeties, it would definitely be a sacrifice! These previously reserved puppies are now available, so if you’ve been waiting to find the perfect adorable Labradoodle who wouldn’t grow beyond 22-25 pounds, this is your lucky week!

These Miniature Labradoodle puppies are for sale in the Phoenix west valley for $1,500. They were born 3/8/2016 and have already had their first shots, so they’re ready to go home with you!

Below, peruse photos of Scamp, a caramel male with a drop-dead gorgeous coat (that won’t shed or make you sneeze!). He has a bit of the mischief in his eye, which just makes him that much more adorable. His thick and wavy coat is all cream in your coffee – and plenty sweet! And then there’s Trixie. She’s all girl: coquettish, cute and cuddly! Who could say no to that face?

Please contact us for an appointment to meet these diminutive darlings. We don’t have these pups’ parent pictures on the site yet, but when you make your puppy visit, you can also meet the parents!


Little Lila – Mini Labradoodle Puppy in Phoenix West Valley

UPDATE 12-20-2015: Not surprisingly, Little Lila found owners very quickly.  We have only one puppy left for anyone still wanting a Christmas Puppy – Check out the dashing and exuberant Curtis, ready to pose for photos under your Christmas tree.

We have a surprise offering this week! Our entire Mini Labradoodle litter had been reserved, however one family with a new baby decided they’d like to wait a while before adding a puppy to the mix. Consequently, we have one female Mini Labradoodle puppy available for sale here in Waddell – at our White Tank Ranch just west of Phoenix.

“Lila” is a multi-gen miniature with an energetic personality, paired with a sweet desire for cuddling. Her rare “Phantom Black” coloration adorns luscious fleece, shining darkly around adorable boots and brow markings. As with all Labradoodles, her coat is imbued with the non-shed, hypoallergenic properties we value in these wonderful dogs. As a miniature, her mature weight will top out at about 20-22 pounds so condo-living will not be a problem for her.

Lila was born 10-26-2015 (7 weeks at the time of this posting), and has already had her first-round puppy shot. Beautifully built, healthy and affectionate, Lila is priced at $1,800 and is ready to meet potential owners. Call, text or email to arrange for a visit if think you’d like to bring Lila into your life.

Mini Male Labradoodle Puppy Available, Phoenix West Valley

Update:  Sold.   “Pierre” is from a miniature Labradoodle litter born on 10/26/15. He is the only one I have available as his litter-mates have already been reserved. Too young to know his personality very well yet, Pierre nevertheless has a thoughtful demeanor which, along with his French heritage, earned him his philosopher’s moniker. Pierre is a 5th-generation Labradoodle and has classic multi-colored markings of white and buff. As a Labradoodle-mini, he’ll top out at about 25 pounds when mature. Mini Labradoodles make wonderful pets for those who enjoy the smart yet whimsical character most Labradoodles exhibit but don’t think a 70-pound adult dog will fit their lifestyle. If you’d like more information on Pierre’s breeding, have questions about him, or would like to set up a visit, please contact us.