Labradoodle Mom, “Bella”

This is our sweet Bella.  She’s a wonderful Labradoodle Mama dog who is sweet, calm and gentle, and passes those traits on to her puppies. Rambunctiousness goes with puppy territory – but once these babies grow up to weigh 60 pounds, it’s nice to know they have some laid-back genes and aren’t likely to be bowling you over when you walk through the door!

We feel it’s important when choosing a puppy, to meet the parents in order to get an idea of what kind of dog you can expect they’ll grow into. Our customers are encouraged to make multiple visits to the ranch to bond with a puppy ahead of time, which greatly reduces a puppy’s stress when it is removed from its mother and litter-mates. And while here, it’s a great opportunity to see the everyday actives here, and to meet the Mama Dogs and Doggy Daddies.

Mama Dog, “Bella”


Reba: A Labradoodle Mama Dog

This is Reba. She is a wonderful mama dog who takes good care of her pups.
Reba is very lovable and gets along with everybody. Like Will Rogers, she never met anyone she doesn’t like! Reba is a standard-sized, 62-pound, F1B Labradoodle. That means she’s 25% Lab and 75% Poodle and is non-shed and hypo-allergenic.

Heather – a Mama mini-Labradoodle in Phoenix

mini-Labradoodle Mom in Phoenix AZ

Heather is a mini-Labradoodle mama dog.

Meet Heather, our mama mini-Labradoodle. Heather is a sweet mom and takes very good care of her pups. Our litters start life inside, where we keep close tabs on Mom and babies. As soon as possible, we get the pups outside for some fresh-air playtime. Mama dogs get short beak-times away from the pups for a little peace and quiet outside time. (All moms need a few minutes of down time now and then!)

As you can see, Mama dogs and pups eat together and our puppies learn right from the start to share food so they are not at all food-agressive. They also have a chance to interact with other puppies while they grow up here at the ranch, so they are well socialized.

If you would like to get on a waiting list for Heather’s next litter, contact us now. Remember, our mama dogs have a break in between litters – so you’ll want to get on the list right away to avoid the wait being longer than necessary.

We take pride in offering the happiest, healthiest, best puppies available in Phoenix!

Miniature Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Phoenix

You’ll love these miniature Labradoodles – they have all the panache of a full-size Labradoodle but will fit in your lifestyle!