Bundle of Joy! Five Feisty Labradoodle Puppies Selling in West Phoenix

UPDATE 12/20/2015: Only Curtis is still available for Christmas.

UPDATE¬†12/11/2015: ¬†Only Curtis, Candy and Chrissy are still available. If you’re wondering how our puppies go so fast, remember, we give our mama dogs a break in between litters, so we generally have a waiting list of people we notify when we have a litter of puppies old enough for visits. We’ve added some updated photos of Curtis, Candy and Chrissy — they are shown first in the gallery below.

If you’d like to experience a true “bundle of joy” – try wrapping your arms around these five feisty Labradoodle puppies for sale at the White Tank Ranch! This is puppy paradise out here, and this litter enjoys lots of sunshine and exercise on warm days in our beautiful Phoenix winter weather. We gave up on getting individual photos of these jolly rompers -just note the blurred action photo below when one did a snatch-and-grab on a toy we were going to have her “pose” with!

This litter was born 10-23-2015 and they are healthy and rambunctious at the tender age of five weeks when these photos were taken. (Six weeks old at this posting.) Now is the time to come see them, as they’ll be ready to leave home very soon.

This is a third-generation Labradoodle litter and all will mature to be medium sized adults. There are five puppies all together (one photo shows all five but one of the blondies is hiding behind another one). We have one caramel male (Cory) and 1 caramel curly female (Carmen), one blonde male (Curtis) and 2 blonde females (Candy and Chrissy).

Price Update on our remaining quality, no-shed Labradoodle puppies: $1,200 each. Come visit us and experience the joy! Contact us with questions or to schedule your visit to the farm.

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