Happiness is a Warm Puppy

UPDATE 12/21/2015 – As we’d hoped – a family with a couple children took Curtis home and it looks like a great match!

If happiness is a warm puppy, than what better way to spread Christmas cheer than by bringing your family a loving Labradoodle puppy? None that we can think of – but then, we’re biased toward Labradoodles. So if you’re tired of seeing your children stare vapidly at the glowing screen of the latest electronic must-have, consider all the organically built-in “apps” that come with a Labradoodle: home security, exercise, games, multiple emojis, laughter inducer, and a favorite among the kids – covert veggie disposal.

Our Curtis the cut-up is full of playful exuberance and perfect for the Phoenix-area family with a child or children of an age to romp with a dog. Smaller than the average bear, this male Labradoodle won’t outgrow your house, as we expect he’ll top out at about 40-45 pounds. At that size, he will be able to handle rough-and-tumble play with enough energy to tolerate being the center of attention among multiple siblings. Curtis will be a loyal companion for the entire family. Both his parents are upstanding citizens. Mr. Redford, his dad, and Bella, his mom (see parent photos below), are obedient, well-mannered adult Labradoodles who are, however, still easily coaxed into juvenile hijinx when the occasion warrants.

As you can see from these most recent photos of Curtis below (taken on the 19th), while he is a typical playful puppy, he will settle down for a photo-shoot. His beautiful non-shed coat combines mom’s creamy fleece with a cinnamon-style dusting of dad’s red. You can read more about Curtis and see earlier photos of him with his Phoenix Labradoodle litter-mates here.

Call now if you’d like to bring this cuddly charmer home in time for Yuletide festivities for the special Christmas-week price of $1,000.


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